Transition to a New Portal Provider

CSASK will be transitioning from it’s current platform, to a new applicant, registrant and complaints management portal with Alinity Softworks Group Inc.   The CSASK council made this decision in efforts to:

      • reduce costs;
      • improve operational efficiency;
      • improve applicant, registrant and public accessibility; and
      • improve the overall experience for applicants, registrants and the public.

Effective May 28, 2024, the applicant, registrant, and complaints portal will be closed as we begin our transition.   For requests, concerns, or questions please contact CSASK staff at or (306) 757-3990. 

Thank you for your patience during this transition period.

The recorded webinars and handouts for registrants are in a secure area of the CSASK website. Please contact the CSASK office at for the password.

It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that his/her licence is always current.

          Fee schedules for Registrants

  • The CSASK Licence is valid from January 1st to December 31st.
  • The online renewal opens in September and registrants will have access to the renewal by logging in to their member portal.
  • To avoid late penalties, renewals must be complete and submitted/received by the CSASK office (including payment of the fees) no later than December 1st.

More information on the Professional Liability Insurance Requirement and how to submit proof of PLI, please click here.

The “Employer PLI Coverage Form” is available in the forms section below. 


All CSASK Full Practising registrants must maintain a minimum of 1250 hours of currency in the most recent five years of practice to be eligible to renew their license. Registrants are required to self-report currency at the time of renewal. Information regarding “Reporting Currency” is available in the Forms section below.

In addition to self-reporting currency at the time of renewal, Provisional members are required to have their employer(s) complete and submit an “Employer Verification of Currency Form” (available in the forms section below) once they have met the currency requirement of their provisional licence. This form is a requirement for granting Full Practising Status.

Continuing Education

All CSASK registrants (except Temporary, CPP, and Retired Members) are required to complete a minimum of 45 continuing education units (CEUs) over a three-year cycle to be eligible to renew their CSASK license. Of the 45 CEUs, a maximum of 15 may be in related topics relevant to audiology and/or speech-language pathology. All 45 may be in areas specific to audiology and/or speech-language pathology. In some areas, there are no limits on the number of CEUs that may be counted while others have maximums. Registrants may log continuing education in their member portal at any point in the year.

The “CEE Activity Form” is available in the Forms section below which outlines the continuing Education categories, types, and maximums. 

Continuing Education Audit

Registrants are required to retain proof of continuing education activities in case of audit. Proof may be uploaded to the member portal, but this is not a requirement. In January of every year, registrants who have completed their three-year continuing education cycle are randomly selected for audit. If selected for audit, registrants are required to provide proof of completion of a minimum of 45 CEUs over three years.

“Verification of Participation” form is available in the forms section below. Note that there are sections to be filled out by the CEU provider and by the registrant. This completed form is acceptable proof of attendance for the CSASK continuing education equivalency program (CEE) audit. This form is available for the CSASK members to document required CEUs (employer-sponsored, in-service activities, and other organizations’ continuing and professional development activities).

March 2024 – Bylaw Updates, Council Coffee Chat, AGM Registration

September 2023 – Renewal Open, PLI Information

August 2023 – 2024 Renewal, CSASK Move, New Council M.A.L., CEE Opportunity

June 2023 – SASLPA Name Change to CSASK

January 2023 – Strategic Plan Information, PLI Policy, New Executive Assistant

September 2022 – Mission, Vision, Values, Proof of PLI, CPP Launch, Webinar Proof of Attendance

May 2022 – PLI at Renewal, CPP Agreement, New Council Members, PLI Webinar Announcement

March 2022 – SASLPA History, Executive Summary, Sustainability Plan and Fee Increases

It is important that audiologists and speech-language pathologists be consistent when using their designation and credential information in their signatures. When we are consistent, the public knows what to look for to make sure they are receiving services from a registered member of CSASK.

CSASK has created a document for members to explain the importance of consistency and to give examples of how to sign their names. Click here for the document.

For Information on the Use of the Title Doctor, please go to the “Practice Guidelines” page.

In effort to better serve the public, it is essential the Private Practice Directory be always current. 

  • Members wishing to be listed on the Practice Directory will be required to apply for or renew their Private Practice Directory listing annually during the CSASK licence renewal process.
  • Members are also required to update any changes throughout the year as they occur.
  • Only members who have renewed their private practice listing will be listed on the Private Practice Directory.
  • Members may make a request at any point in the year to be added to the directory.
  • All updates, requests for listing, and renewals are done through the CSASK Member Portal under the Dashboard menu item “Private Practice”.