What is a protected title?

Legally, in Saskatchewan*, only people who are registered and licensed with the College of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists of Saskatchewan (CSASK) are allowed to use the titles:

  • Audiologist (includes):
    • Aud
    • AUD


  • Speech-Language Pathologist (includes)
    • Speech therapist
    • Speech pathologist
    • SLP

*Note: Section 22 of The Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Act

Did you know…

…some speech-language pathologists (SLP) and audiologists (Aud) live in one province but use video conferencing to work with people in another province. Even if your SLP or Aud lives in another province, he (or she) must have a CSASK licence to work with you.

What does it mean to have a CSASK licence?

People who have a licence to work in Saskatchewan are registered with CSASK. You can be registered as a full practicing member if you:

  • have at least a Master’s degree in audiology or speech-language pathology;
  • have met the CSASK standards for education and student training hours
  • are proficient in English;
  • are legally able to work in Canada;
  • have passed a national practice exam; and
  • have finished a mentorship program.

Registered members are expected to:

  • Work safely and ethically;
  • Be responsible to the public;
  • Follow the CSASK Code of Ethics; and
  • Follow the CSASK Continuing Education Program.

    How can I tell if someone has a licence to practice with CSASK?
  • Licensed members are listed on the CSASK website here; and
  • Licensed members will use their protected title and registration designation.

    What does registration designation mean?

A registration designation is the registration information for each CSASK member. You can find a member’s registration designation and title at the bottom of any official client documents. For example:


J. Doe, Educational Credentials (e.g., M.SLP)
Speech-Language Pathologist
Registered SK Lic#0123


J. Doe, Educational Credentials (e.g., AuD)
Registered SK Lic#0123


If you are submitting a receipt for speech pathology or audiology services to a private insurance provider, make sure your speech-language pathologist or audiologist includes his/her registration designation on the receipt. Having this information easily available will help your insurance provider when reviewing your claim.

Questions or concerns contact the CSASK at: