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Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology are self-regulated professions in Canada.  Regulation for these professions is provincial.  In Saskatchewan, The College of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists of Saskatchewan (CSASK) is the provincial regulator for the professions of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology.  This means, in Saskatchewan, individuals must hold a valid licence to practise Audiology and/or Speech-Language Pathology, and to use the designated titles.

Please note, the reciprocal agreement between Speech and Audiology Canada (SAC) and the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) is only between these national associations and does not apply to regulatory colleges for licensure.  For more details on the differences between the provincial regulator and the professional association (read more).

CSASK Contact Information
General Email:
Phone:  306-757-3990
Toll Free:  1-866-757-3990
Fax: 306-757-3986
Mailing Address:  1260 Hamilton Street, Regina SK, S4R 2B4

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