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Over the years, concerns have been brought to the SASLPA’s attention regarding the potential confusion that may arise for patients/clients if SASLPA registrants use the title “Doctor” inappropriately.  Based on these concerns as well as the Medical Profession Act, 1981, an advisory has been prepared regarding how registrants may use the title “Doctor”. This advisory has been vetted by SASLPA’s legal counsel and by the SASLPA Council.

Please be aware that, in order to allow SASLPA registrants to use the title “Doctor”, SASLPA is making efforts to amend the Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Act as follows:

New section 22.1

Use of title “Doctor”

22.01 (1) A member may use the title “Doctor” but only in conjunction with the words speech-language pathology or speech-language pathologist, audiology or audiologist to indicate clearly that the member is not a physician or podiatric surgeon within the meaning of The Medical Profession Act, 1981.

(2) Clause 80(1)(c) of The Medical Profession Act, 1981 does not apply to a member who uses the title “Doctor” in accordance with subsection (1).

Any changes to the Act require multiple written requests to the Ministry of Health. SASLPA has been advised that it could still be many years before we are able to make changes to our Act.

Use of Doctor Title Advisory