The 2024 CSASK Administrative and Fee Bylaws were filed and processed with Information Services Corporation on February 20, 2024. The 2024 Administrative and Fee Bylaws repeal and replace the administrative sections of the 2020 SASLPA Bylaws. The 2020 SASLPA Bylaws will continue to be available online because the regulatory bylaws within the document are still in effect. At this time, the 2024 CSASK Administrative Bylaws will prevail if any inconsistencies are noted in the administrative bylaws still contained in the 2020 SASLPA Bylaws.

The regulatory sections of the 2020 SASLPA Bylaws remain in effect until the new 2024 CSASK Regulatory Bylaws have been approved by the Minister and published in the Saskatchewan Gazette. Approval of the 2024 CSASK Regulatory Bylaws is expected by the Summer of 2024, at which time the 2020 SASLPA Bylaws will be fully repealed.

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