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Did You Know That Audiologists…

Must have completed 6-8 years of university level course work and practicum, leading to a Master’s degree or Doctor of Audiology degree in order be registered with SASLPA and to practice in Saskatchewan;

 Receive extensive training in counseling and (re)habilitation;

 Assess, identify, diagnose, and manage individuals of any age (newborns to adults);

 Assess, identify, diagnose, and manage hearing disorders involving both peripheral and central pathways of hearing;

 Assess, identify, diagnose, and manage hyperacusis (an exaggerated response to certain sounds), and tinnitus (the perception of sound, such as ringing, buzzing, or hissing, in the ears);

 Assess, identify, diagnose, and manage Auditory Processing Disorders;

 Assess, identify, diagnose, and manage balance disorders

 Provide services to individuals with implantable hearing devices such as cochlear implants and bone anchored hearing devices;

 Along with physicians and nurse practitioners, fill out and sign applications to receive the disability tax credit for hearing loss; and

 Are the only hearing professionals that some third parties will reimburse hearing services for?

Please see for more information about audiologists.